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Sexual Dreams and Fantasies

What do different sexual fantasies say about you? At their core, dreams and fantasies are normal. So don't worry if anything you’re imagining is out of what you think is considered ordinary. 

Think about that dream where you had a wardrobe malfunction and you ended up butt naked in front of an audience.

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Does having this dream mean you want to run around naked in front of everyone? Probably not. Dreams don’t necessarily express a desire, but rather they can express other feelings you’re having like fear or anxiety.

Reasons Behind Sexual Fantasies and Dreams

Sexual desire and the factors that can trigger them are complex. The triggers vary from one individual to another as the same applies for sexual dreams. 

Learning more about your kinks, desires, and sexuality is a great place to start. It can help you figure out what triggers your desire and also what you find most pleasurable. 

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Dreams are a vital component of our daily lives. In fact, dreams are essential for helping us regulate learning, fears, memories, and emotions.

Whether your sexual dream is about your relationship partner, doesn’t always translate to a problem in your relationship or loss of attraction. A few things that can trigger them are:

  1. A dissatisfying sex life: a boring sex life is one of the triggers of sexual dreams. Your brain makes up for your sexual frustration this way.
  2. Attraction to someone: Sexual arousal, daydreaming, and fantasies are all normal when you’re attracted to someone. Emotional or physical attraction to a person can be a powerful dream stimulant. It is a common thought that dreams are a result of our minds fulfilling our wishes. You wish you could get your way with him/her, don't you? This is probably why.
  3. Admiring another person: Sexual dreams about people you are unattracted to are also normal. Sexual fantasies or dreams are not always tied to our conscious desires.

Common Examples of Sex Dreams and Fantasies and What They Say About You

  1. A dream about sex with an ex is your subconscious’ way of telling you you're craving more spice in your love life. Or can even convey specific emotions depending on how you feel about them at the current time. But the image of your ex can represent someone else entirely in such dreams, and not necessarily “them.”
  1. Dreams about sex in public aren't uncommon. Anxiety is usually the emotion at the core of such a dream. It may symbolize fear of sexual intimacy or a shaken personal relationship. 
  1. Dreams about sex with the same gender: This represents repressed feelings of attraction to persons of the same sex. But the individual in your dream may or may not be someone you hope to be intimate with. As a result, you may be expressing a desire to be on the same level with someone.
  1. Sex with a stranger may mean you have the active imagination of a thrill seeker. This enables your engagement in the pleasures you may get from checking out a hot stranger from time to time. 

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Making a Dream or Fantasy Come True

Better communication with your partner helps both of you understand each other's desires and comfort levels. 

Professional advice can also help nudge you out of your comfort zone into exploring various fantasies.

It’s important to thoroughly communicate what you want with your partner or partners. No one likes having their time wasted, so make sure you all agree with whatever is about to happen. 

It’s also important to continue the communication during the act to make sure everyone is having a good time. And finally, have a plan for what happens afterwards. You want your sexual experiences to leave you and your partner(s) satisfied from beginning to end.

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If you’re embarrassed about your fantasies, it’s important to remember that you live just once. It’s ok to live a little.

Now you know a little more about sexual dreams and fantasies, don’t forget to stay safe with P.S. Whether it’s lube or condoms, we’ve got you covered.



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