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About Us

You name it, we argued about it. Sports, music, the nuances of sexual positions and the disuse of Oxford commas. Everything.

That is, until we found the one thing we all agreed on unanimously…Condoms. The only thing worse than buying them was wearing them.

You know what we're talkin about. They take away from the best feeling in the world. They reek of gross rubber as soon as you rip one open. And if something smells THAT bad, it can't be made with the good stuffs, right?

So we did some deep digging and it turns out that you hate wearing condoms because you never had a choice. You see, the condom industry is dominated by just one company that's over 100 years old! And when you're as entrenched and profitable as they are, you don't need to innovate on musty mediocre products.

Forget It’s On

So we founded P.S. to bring back that loving feeling. Our goal was to create a condom you'd forget about as soon as you put it on. Just don’t forget to take it off.

Rather than worrying about low costs, we focused on high quality. That’s why our manufacturing is done in South Korea. And by doing a lot of *ahem* testing, we designed a silky smooth condom that transfers the good vibes more intimately.

P.S. also comes (pun intended) without the gross rubbery smell because they're made with cleaner, non-toxic ingredients.

We left out the Parabens, Glycerin, Casein, Bisphenol-A (BPA) and any other weird ingredients commonly found in those other condoms.

And of course, P.S. Condoms can take a beating. They actually exceed FDA strength requirements so you can stay worry-free and in the moment.

So strap in, hop on and let the good times unroll.

P.S. Come As You Are

While all the other companies out there are telling you that you need to try really hard to be sexy. We're here to remind you to just be you. Because honestly, what's sexier than that?