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10 Things You Should and Shouldn't Do After Sex

You’re probably a fully fledged sex expert after checking out our blogs or you may simply be a natural. But if you’re only focused on sex itself, you’re missing the bigger picture. 

What happens after sex is just as important as what happens during the act. Unsure if you’re doing the right things? No worries, here are some things you should and shouldn’t do after sex.

What You Shouldn't Do


1. Avoid using your phone

Almost everyone has an attachment to their phone. It’s an instinct to check your notifications or even just browse the web. But it’s important to remember you just shared a very intimate moment with someone. Spend this time with your partner instead. Perhaps it could lead to another round.

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2. Leave Your Sex Toys Alone

If you use sex toys during intercourse, be sure to keep them clean with warm water and soap. The synthetic material that sex toys are made with can hold bacteria and may cause infection during your next sexual adventure. 

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3. Wait Until After Sex to Discuss Your Sexual Health

It is a must for you and your partner to be open about your sexual health. Testing for STIs should be done regularly to avoid any potential problems. 

If you happen to have an STI and hide it from your partner, you're breaking a level of trust that could never be recovered. Always be sure to communicate with your partner if anything arises. 

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4. Act Distant 

No one ever wants to feel like they were used just for sex, not even yourself! So be sure to be respectful and take care of your partner. Pay close attention to how they’re feeling and be sure not to push any boundaries since most people feel especially vulnerable after sex.

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5. Immediately Do Something Else After Sex

By wanting to do something else right after sex you might give off the vibe that you don’t care about your partner. Be sure to take some time and chill with your partner for a bit or engage in a bit of conversation. Things like cleaning up can always come later!

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What You Should Do


1. Empty Your Bladder

Be sure that you empty your bladder since you are prone to getting bacteria in your urethra. By not flushing them out you have a higher chance of getting an unwanted infection. 

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2. Wash Up

Be sure to wash the area around your genitals with warm water and if necessary use a pH balanced soap to avoid irritation. Wash your hands thoroughly especially if you touched your partner's privates. This should come naturally, but hey sometimes we forget.

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3. Connect With Your Partner

Talk with your partner and understand how they’re feeling. You can give each other feedback on the sex you just had. If you're not comfortable talking about that yet, you can simply just cuddle, share a meal, or even go for round two if you’re both up for it.

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4. Check Your Condom Before Throwing It Away

Check your condoms before throwing them away. This can let you know if any potential STI’s were transmitted (if any) or of any possible pregnancy if there was any breakage. 

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5. Wear Loose Clothing

Wearing tight clothing to bed after sex is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, especially if you don’t clean up. So rock those loose PJs or even your birthday suit before falling asleep.

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Now that you know a little more about what you should and shouldn’t do after sex, don’t forget to stay safe with P.S. Whether it’s lube or condoms, we’ve got you covered.





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