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Our Condom
New go to

Love the feel of these condoms and that I can provide head without worrying about the nasty condom taste afterwards. Never going back to regular condoms. This is the new standard.

Our Condom

Nice to arrive by mail and avoid lines and staff finding keys at the pharmacy.

P.s *whispers* these are amazing

Every kind I’ve ever used made me feel like I had a UTI after using to a point I’d only do it raw. I finally found these and it feels the same without all the mess;)

Even The Pro's like it

Every woman I have introduced to this product has had a positive reaction.
When a seasoned veteran is brought to show a wide eyed face and deliver spontaneous high praise (Your condom is good), you know this is a game changer.

super great!

Tried both sizes, the xl fit better but the regular size did great too. Feels great and super thin just like yall said!

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best ever

The most comfortable condom I have ever cone across! Perfect wedding gift…😏

MVP Most Valuable Protection

These condoms are the real MVPs! They fit so well I almost forgot I was wearing one. It was like my performance got a standing ovation. Plus, the ultra-thin design made it feel like a VIP experience. No wardrobe malfunctions here, just pure, uninterrupted fun. If you're looking for a reliable, top-notch sidekick for your escapades, look no further. Five stars, hands down!

Best condoms


These are the best condoms I have ever used.

Great product!

Not bad!

Works well, properly lubricated. Lasted hours on end ;)

Willy? Or Willie not?

Slippery little devil, but plays nice!

A snuggy for him

Yep, they’re real nass. Mr. Happy never had it so good. When he can’t wear his birthday suit, he prefers these latex tights. It makes him feel like he’s a biker in fine leathers… just without the tassels.


They work great and are very comfortable!

Great Product

The wipes are good, but the male supplement is fantastic!

Best in class!

These are hands down the best. You’ll never want to use anything else.

20% Back

20% Back

Great Products

I have tried all of your products. All are excellent. Big Fan!

Always on time.

I have my product come in just in time to restock. Never a weird chemical smell, fun to smash in but a little tighter fitting than regular ones.

20% Back

Who doesn't like cash back? 😎

Great Product!

I have had great results


The wipes clean just like intended

Best I've used

My GF and I really like that there's no smell that other brands have!

20% Back
I actually orgasmed!

Don't remember the last time I orgasmed with a condom but the first time I used these, it happened. 🙌🏾😃

Great products

I will be ordering more due to the fact they work.