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8 Ways to Become A Better Lover (of a Woman)

Think you’re good at sex? Well you probably are, but we’re convinced you could be even better. Very few things come close to being as fulfilling and fun as sensual, mind-blowing sex. While lovemaking is an art, you don’t necessarily need to own volumes of the Kamasutra to be good at sex. There are a handful of tips and tricks you could employ to turn so-so sex into a completely magical experience.

If your sex life feels like a chore and the passion has slowly fizzled out, it’s never too late to turn it around and experience your best sex yet. Keep in mind that being good at sex and being a good lover, in general, is about giving more than receiving. Most importantly, be yourself, be present, and enjoy the moment. There’s really nothing sexier than someone who isn’t afraid of being himself or herself.

How to become a good lover

Arouse the Mind

A sage once said, “if you can influence her mind, the body is yours for the taking.” Simply put, great sex starts from the mind. Turn on your partner’s imagination, excite her emotions and build anticipation. You can achieve this by sending naughty messages, or letting her know what you’re going to do to her when she gets home. Racy pictures can definitely set things in motion, and understanding and getting attuned to how your partner’s mind works will also get you bonus points, as you’ll be able to gauge her emotional state and be a better partner overall.

Explore the Body

The human body, just like the mind, is mysterious and fascinating in equal measure. Take your time to explore the entirety of your partner’s body. There are multiple erogenous zones waiting to be discovered, and with time you’ll learn that some parts are very sensitive to touch or breath. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and with so much of it to play with you can’t go wrong with some gentle caressing and erotic full body massages. Not only will your partner love the attention, but holding your excitement will also ensure you feel a better orgasm when it’s your turn. A win-win for everybody.

Compliment Her Body

A recent survey has shown that a large majority of women have insecurities about their bodies and how they look.  Want to become a good lover and the man of her dreams? Make her feel sexy and confident about her appearance. Constantly remind her that she’s the most beautiful creature on earth. Let her know every now and then how hot she looks, with or without make-up. Studies published in the numerous journals of psychology assert that a woman is more likely to avoid sex or shows of affection if she doesn’t feel sexy or attractive in her partner’s eyes.

This concept holds true for both long-term and new relationships. So whether you want to tell her how good at sex she is or simply reinforce the fact that she’s stunning, compliment her constantly.

Slow Down

Quickies can be hot and much appreciated in the right situation. However, slowing things down and kicking it slow might be just what you need to become a good lover. Women typically take longer to get there compared to men. In this regard, slowing down allows her time to catch up with you and reach an orgasm. Ask her what she wants you to do to her, and how she wants you to do it, all while complimenting her throughout to savor the intimacy. Drag it out as long as both of you can last. You’ll soon learn how much better the experience is when you’re both hitting that amazing climax together. With that said…

Don’t Worry About How Long You’ll Last

Unfortunately, good sex isn’t meant to last hours. We have perhaps the best endurance levels of any animal on the planet, but when it comes to sex, we’re nowhere near the honor roll. On average, a lovemaking session lasts about 19 minutes, including both foreplay and actual penetration.

So don’t worry about how long you’re going to last. Change positions if you need to, and don’t be in a hurry to finish too quickly. Regardless of how long you’ll last, the best part is you can always recharge and go a couple more rounds (depending on the situation at least). With some practice, you can get better at prolonging your lovemaking sessions and become a great lover. Just make sure you focus on your partner, and enjoy the experience.

Watch Porn, but Don’t Be One of Those Guys

Watching porn is a great way to get both of you in the mood. Your desire to have sex and the quality of sex improve after watching porn. However, don’t try to imitate stuff you see on Pornhub. Porn stars are paid performers. So don’t get too crazy on the positions. Stay open-minded, but stick to what’s comfortable for both of you. Don’t be too eager to try a position if your partner’s not too sure about it or too into it. Most importantly, talk about what’s hot and what’s not. That way you can establish boundaries and be comfortable as you push the sexual envelope.

Double Down on Grooming

Body odors are a natural part of being human. However, that doesn’t mean you and your partner have to get used to it. Freshen up before you get into bed, throw on some nice cologne. Trim your hair down there (at least keep it neat), and it will not go unnoticed. What’s not to love about a body that smells nice, looks fantastic and tastes great?

Certifiably Good at Sex

Whether you’re already good at sex or still working on it, becoming a better lover is something you owe yourself and your partner. The most important point is to be confident and inspire confidence in bed. After all, your partner is as self-conscious as you – go the extra mile and remind them how hot you think they are. This positivity will be reflected back onto you, and you’ll connect even more deeply.


Now that you know how to get good at sex, don’t abuse the power. And when you do get busy, make sure to protect yourself with P.S. condoms.

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