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Guide To Having Better Sex

A number of things hold great importance to humans, but few ever match up to having better sex. Believe it or not, sex has shaped the course of human history and directed perhaps the greatest events of history. From Cleopatra to Kim Kardashian, banging has gotten humans in and out of trouble since we started walking this earth.

To the average young man, not much thought goes into getting the deed done. Well except other than actually finding a partner in the first place. Sex could involve a great deal of activities, including or leading up to some good old “P in V” action. That said, here are 10 tips to having better sex.

Don’t Rush

Take your time while taking off your clothes, and undressing your partner as well. The trick is intentionally manipulating the release and degradation of serotonin, nitric oxide, dopamine, and epinephrine neurotransmitters. The quicker these sex-related neurotransmitters are released, the quicker they are degraded and fade. So, don’t be in such a hurry to play “hide the zucchini” - the longer you can wait and build up anticipation, the greater the sex will be. There’s something special about getting teased before finally getting down and dirty.

Don’t Worry About How Long You’ll Last

With that said, the truth is that sex isn’t meant to last that long. We humans have the best endurance levels of any animal on the planet, but not when it comes to sex. The reason most young men fail to experience mind-blowing sex is due to a persistent worry about how long they will last. On average, a typical session of Congress lasts about 19 minutes. And that includes foreplay and penetration. The best part about being human is we’re built to recover quickly and get back at it in no time. So don’t worry, you can always go a couple more rounds if you fall short the first time.

Throw in Some Toys

Trust us on this one. Bringing in some adult toys can and will improve your sex. I’m talking handcuffs, vibrators, prostate and perineum-massaging butt plugs, erection-boosting cock rings and more. Toys change an otherwise predictable (though thoroughly enjoyable) undertaking into an absolutely mind-blowing experience. The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and a handful other cool people figured that out and went on to have such great sex that we’re still talking about it today. Find what works best for you and your partner - comfort is the key word here. 

Compliment Her Lady Parts

Telling your partner she looks, feels and tastes amazing improves her confidence. This will make her more relaxed and open to trying new things. Don’t treat sex like just another chore - worship her a little bit. Tell her how pretty she is and how lucky you are to have her. Chances are, there are going to be more than a handful of orgasms taking place in the near future, and two very happy humans. 

Guide to better sex

Throw Some Food Into the Equation

Legend has it that Casanova, the famed 18th century lover who bedded hundreds of women and supposedly some men, had at least 50 oysters for breakfast. The Aztec emperor, Montezuma, was said to indulge in copious amounts of cocoa beans during his romantic conquests. The science is easy - great food and great sex are indistinguishable. Some foods possess certain chemical properties that boost testosterone or estrogen levels, which in turn increases sex drive. While bringing cocoa beans to the party won't help, chocolate certainly will. Bringing food to the bedroom triggers the release of endorphins or “feel good” hormones, which go a long way towards having better sex. So, you want to have great sex? Bring some eats.

Try Some New Positions

There was a time when the missionary position was as good as it gets. But we’re not in the Middle Ages anymore. Get creative in bed, try that new position you read about. The best part about switching to new positions every now and then is that you’ll last longer than usual. And trust us, she’ll notice. There are some particularly interesting moves and positions you can pull to hit/stimulate some important regions that she’ll absolutely love.

Watch Porn with Your Partner

Watching porn is a great way to have better sex and here’s why. X-rated movies have been found to boost spontaneity, improve your sex drive and significantly raise your overall desire to have sex. Watching porn with a partner also improves the quality of your sex. Recent surveys concluded that watching porn improves communication and honesty concerning what is acceptable and comfortable. After establishing what your partner is into, everything in between is fair game.

Change Locations, Throw in Some Spontaneity

A great way to have better sex is to change the venue. I’ll admit stuff gets boring when it’s always in the same place, every time. So change up where and when you have sex. How does banging off a quick one in the bathroom sound while you have guests over? Sure, that sounds like risky business, you can’t deny the rush. We’re not sure if showing up to her workplace with a hard-on the size of a lighthouse won’t be frowned upon, but it’s worth a shot. The idea here is to get rid of the monotony. Go play outside.

Eat Healthy, Exercise

It is of utmost importance to watch what you eat and stay fit. If you’re going to put up the performance of the year, your cardio needs to match up. You don’t need to be as fit as an Olympic swimmer, but shedding a few pounds and toning up will work miracles for you. You’re going to be glad you did. Think the sex you’re having is good now? Just wait till you start exercising regularly.

Take Care of Yourself

Finally, perhaps the most important way to have better sex is by taking good care of yourself. A penis that doesn’t work, or being in poor physical health won’t do anyone any good, literally. Get regular checkups, don’t get too crazy with the positions lest you end up with a buckled knee or injured dong. Don’t hesitate to tell your partner to ease up a bit when things get a little uncomfortable either. Throw in some lubrication where necessary, and most importantly, practice safe sex.


Having better sex is something you owe yourself. There’s no reason why anyone wouldn’t want to experience amazing sex. In addition to the pointers we’ve discussed, the most important factor is to just be you. If you’re confident being yourself with your partner, he or she will feel the same - the resulting sex will be exponentially better. While you’re at it, slip into something more comfortable and let us keep you safe. Always end it with a P.S.

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