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Different Ways to Arouse a Woman

All of us have erogenous zones, but the truth is they differ for everyone. What may work for you may not work for others. Besides, you probably have more hot spots than you’re aware of. Today, we’re here to introduce you to areas of a woman’s body that could use some more TLC.

The Scalp and The Ears

The scalp is full of nerve endings so even the lightest touch across the hair can send signals throughout a woman’s body. To increase pleasure, try running your fingernails lightly across her scalp. Pay closer attention to the space just above the neck and behind the ears. Gently tugging on the hair can also send a sensation throughout her body. 

Ears are covered with sensitive skin that have hundreds of nerve receptors. The ears are one of the most erogenous zones for most people. For guaranteed arousal, try nibbling, lightly kissing, or licking the earlobes of your partner. The nerve receptors here are so sensitive that a light blow of air or whisper into her ears can send shivers down her spine. 

The Lower Stomach and Navel

This area is very sensitive because of its close proximity to the genitals. With a  feather, fingertips, or even your tongue, navigate around the navel in light circular tracing motions, all through the stomach area, and slowly tease down. This region is also great for temperature play with an ice cube if your partner is down with it.  

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The Sacrum 

This region is erogenous because the nerves here are connected to the pelvic region. It could also be because humans are vulnerable to touch from behind. Regardless, you are sure to evoke pleasure in this region with the faintest touch. 

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The Armpits and Inner Arms

If you think armpits are not sexy, well, think again. Run the back of your hand down your partner’s arm and lightly graze the armpit. She may giggle at first, but once she’s over the ticklish response things will get super hot. For complete titillation, touch her lightly to flip the tickle around. You can use your fingertips or tongue and go slowly down the inner arm all the way to the armpit.

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The Inner Wrist

This pulsating area rarely gets any attention but is very sensitive. When you’re setting the mood, caress your partner’s skin around this area as you stare at them suggestively. Already engulfed in fiery passion? Go ahead and intertwine your fingers with hers and brush her inner wrists lightly with your lips. 

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Behind the Knees

This is one neglected region with unthinkable sensitivity to any type of touch. Pay close attention to this area when massaging your partner. Or trace light circles around it with your tongue as you work your way down or up the leg. 

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The G spot

This region is familiar to most people as an erogenous zone. It is a critical zone that delivers the most shuddering vaginal orgasms. However, it is still one of the most complex regions. It is actually a part of the same nervous network as the clitoris, meaning that stimulating the G spot also affects the clitoris.

The tiny nub at the intersection of the inner labia is only the tip of the clitoris iceberg. It extends about four inches into the vagina. However, it can be tedious to locate since it is not an “x marks the spot” type of deal. To find it, your partner should relax before you begin the exploration.  

Start by massaging the vaginal opening before slipping in. Then lift your fingers upward slowly in a ‘come here’ motion to find the G spot. 

What is the Length of the Vaginal Canal?

It’s actually not long at all. The vaginal canal on average is three to six inches in length. This is approximately the length of your hand. However, the canal can change shape in different situations such as child delivery or sex.

During sex, the vaginal canal can stretch out to make room for penetration. 

When females are aroused their uterus and cervix are forced out of the way, resulting in lengthening the upper two-thirds of the vagina. If she feels a sex toy or penis pushing on the cervix, her body may not be properly aroused. That is where everything you learned today comes into play.

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