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4 Sex Games That Put More Fun In The Bedroom

Has your sex life gotten a bit stale? Maybe you want to test your boundaries and see what else is out there. Sex games are one of the most common activities, perfect for strengthening the connection between your partner and you. 

1. Sex Dice

Sex dice are a great way to ease into a more varied sex life. Rolling the dice usually shows you a combination of body parts and activities. They’re usually pretty tame, but you might be surprised to learn how you’ve overlooked a stimulating activity. You could realize you like kissing your partner’s neck or love getting it on in the laundry room after trying sex dice!

As long as you have two or more dice, you can assign a value to each die to try it out. The DIY route means you can switch up the activities, too.

bob's burgers and related miscellany — “Dice?” “Sexy dice. We roll them and  they tell us...

2. Red Light, Green Light

I bet you’ve never thought about bringing this childhood game into the bedroom! When you say “Green light,” your partner has permission to touch themselves. However, they have no idea when you’ll call “Red light,” and they must stop on your cue. It’s great if you like to tease or ruin orgasms, but be careful when the tables are turned!

Happy Red Light GIF by Super Simple

3. Homerun

If you enjoy watching sports with your partner–or even if you don’t–give this game a try. Each base is associated with a sex act or treat you’ll perform for your partner when a player reaches it. When the players score a home run, you will, too! Of course, you can modify it for other sports if you’re not a baseball fan. Get crafty and bend the rules of the game in your favor.

mila kunis football GIF by myLAB Box

4. Guessing Game

This one requires a blindfold, whether you DIY it or buy one, and any sexy accessory or toy. Once your partner is blindfolded, choose an item you want them to guess and run it along their body. Twist and turn the item as they try to guess what it is. When they do, you can remove the blindfold–or not!--and use your mystery item!

It’s a great way to introduce a new toy or activity. Don’t worry if your partner hasn’t guessed after a while. Putting the goodie directly in their hands usually does the trick. 

 bird box horror GIF by NETFLIX

These are just a few games you can choose fun, but don’t let that stop you from experimenting. Use drinking, cards, or betting games and take on a sexy angle with your partner. Prepare to ditch your clothes and perform sexual favors since there are no losers in any sex games.

Now that you’re ready to experiment with some sex games, don’t forget to stay safe with P.S. Whether it’s lube or condoms, we’ve got you covered.



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