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Is It Healthy to Live Without Sex?

Whether you’re practicing abstinence, hesitant to hook up after a bad breakup, or you’re unwillingly going through a dry spell, there are plenty of reasons that a lot of us aren’t having sex. While there’s no right or wrong amount of sex to have, not getting it on might have more health effects than you might have imagined. 

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Of course, none of the side effects of abstaining from sex will kill you, but there are a lot of good reasons why you might want to consider getting back in on the action. Here are some ways not having sex can affect your overall well-being: 

Stress, Anxiety, and Sleeplessness

When you get intimate with another person, your body releases the feel-good chemical called oxytocin. Responsible for helping you get a good night’s sleep, this equips your body with natural stress relief and has many positive effects on your health. If you’ve been feeling tense or down, you might want to think about getting down to business. 

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A Weaker Immune System

According to studies, people who have sex more than twice per week tend to create more immunoglobulin A, an antibody that is essential for fighting off colds. You could always take immune boosters to help, but breaking your dry spell might be more fun. 

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Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer

Listen up, men! If you’re not ejaculating enough, you could be increasing your risk for prostate cancer. When 30,000 men were studied, those who ejaculated at least 21 times per month had a much lower risk of developing the dreaded disease. 

Dulled Memory

Our memories do get a little fuzzy as we age, but being abstinent can also contribute to memory dullness. In fact, those who have sex more often have been proven to recall more memories with better accuracy, which is great unless you’re trying to forget a one-night stand. 

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So is it healthy to live without sex? While you really won’t die from not having sex, there are lots of good reasons that you should. Still, it’s all up to you and how comfortable you feel with your partner(s). 

Now that you have plenty of reasons to have sex, don’t forget to stay safe with P.S. Whether it’s lube or condoms, we’ve got you covered.




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