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How to Rekindle Your Sex Life

Do you find yourself in a situation where you feel like your partner wants to have less sex? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Your partner’s enthusiasm for sex may fade for several reasons; but we’re here to help you revive their desire for sex.

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First off, it’s important to understand what you’re doing right and wrong. By understanding your partner’s feelings about intimacy and sex, this could help you reignite that flame. 

What Stimulates Each Gender

According to a paper published in the journal of Psychiatry, a drop in sexual desire doesn’t mean it’s a clinical issue. It’s a common problem for many of us, so there's no need to panic.

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It’s important to understand that sexual responses in men and women differ. Men are aroused by visual stimulation, which is easier to achieve. While women on the other hand are aroused by a combination of environmental and emotional stimulation. Be careful not to confuse a man or woman’s sexual responses with dysfunction. 

How to Identify the Problem

It’s easy to identify the problem by categorizing them as physical or emotional. Below we listed some tips to help you better understand where your problems may come from.


1. Have a neutral space for communication: Make sure your partner feels comfortable enough to open up! Make the conversation simpler by asking a few questions so your partner doesn’t feel cornered. Be sure to reassure your partner that you love sex with them, and ask what you can do to improve.

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2. Look for positive physical influences:  Most people’s sex drives are volatile. They fluctuate depending on your energy, hormones, and general health. 

For example: 

- Exercise can potentially increase/decrease your sex drive depending on the individual. 

- Heavy drinking on a weekend may also dampen your mood and self-esteem making you less horny. 

Be sure to pay attention to your body’s reactions to different activities and how it affects your sex life. 

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1. Stress Factors: Be sure to communicate and understand if anything is making your partner unhappy. This could be as simple as asking about how their day went. 

While physical desire may be adequate to arouse a man sexually, women are more complex. Female sexual motivation can root from being emotionally close to a partner. Their sexual desire may even decrease due to the lack of emotional connection, stress or mental health problems. 

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2. Look for positive emotional influences: The feedback you get from your partner influences your future sex lives significantly. Be sure to communicate with your partner to root out any potential issues, and highlight things that have worked for you both. 

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Try Out Alternative Forms of Intimacy

A majority of couples struggling with intimacy have a fixed perspective of what sex is. You should know that intercourse and intimacy have major differences. For example, you can satisfy your partner or yourself through oral sex or masturbation. Some people even make the mistake of avoiding kissing, out of the fear that it may not lead to sex.

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This way of thinking may cause a partner to feel rejected or even withdraw from this basic act of intimacy. By rediscovering these forgotten little bits, this can help boost your feelings for each other as well as your sex life.  

Be a Generous Lover

Regularly letting your partner know they are attractive is a way to keep things exciting. Let them know that they are desirable. Compliment your partner more often, especially during times when you’re not looking to have sex. 

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Be sure to show support in other ways too. For instance, if you realize your partner is under a lot of pressure from work, help with some of their other responsibilities. This will create more quality time for you together. 

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Now that you know how to charm your way into more mind-blowing sex, remember to bring along some member protection on your next sex romp. Check out the best condoms on Earth, P.S. We got you covered.



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