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Does Sex Become Less Appealing As You Grow Older

As you grow older, do you wonder how sexually active you should be? Sexual urges, the need for physical intimacy, and general sexuality are all a vital part of your adult life. It’s no different as you grow older. Here are some facts and tips about sexual behavior and intimacy later in life. 

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Changes For Older Men

Men have proven to maintain their sexual interests and desires longer than women. A good percentage of men above 70 years still remain active. 

Aging men may need longer periods to get aroused and a longer “recharge” period after *ahem* busting a nut. This can be caused by erectile dysfunction, which is a common problem in about 52% of males between the age of 40-70.

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This happens because as you age, your testosterone levels naturally fall. Many even have age-related health issues and medications which may contribute as well. 

What to do when age-related problems start to creep in? Consult your doctor about medications that may affect your sex life. Beware, since a lot of medications contribute to a lower sex drive. But understand that there is medication available for erectile dysfunction.

While some older men may rethink their approach to intimacy and sex, age doesn't always matter. With some proper care and dietary adjustments, you can continue to be sexually active as you age.

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Changes for Older Women

There’s no denying that sexual activity in women changes with age. Approximately 40% of women between the ages of 65-74 experience a decline in sexual activity. 

Healthier women engage in more sexual activity and although sexual desires may dip, desire for intimacy doesn’t. 

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Following menopause, there is a low production of estrogen. This partially alters the vagina leading to challenges such as:

  • Increased sensitivity
  • Reduced vaginal and associated tissue lubrication 
  • Requiring longer arousal times
  • Vulva and vaginal walls shrink and become thinner

In turn, women may experience:

  • Longer times to get ready for sex
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Delayed orgasms

What You Can Do

If you are experiencing discomfort during sex or reduced libido, it is critical that you discuss it with your doctor. Your doctor can check you for typical health issues that may be causing or worsening these conditions. 

Additionally, be sure to use the “Three T” intimacy approach. This strategy helps typical age-related changes impacting sexuality. 

Put simply: More talking, more touching, and more time spent together.

It's normal to hear older women say they feel turned on, but their body isn’t quite there yet. In combination with an extended arousal cycle, you may need longer foreplay to be physically prepared. 

This comes with some benefits. More time spent in each other’s company means you’re closer, more intimate, and likelier to achieve orgasms easier. 

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The extended foreplay should include communication. You can talk with your partner about what makes sex more comfortable for them. This could include throwing in some lube and toys. 

It’s vital that both partners acknowledge their changes in physical and mental states. With the help of lifestyle changes or even taking advantage of medicinal advances, you should be able to continue having sex comfortably. 

Now you’re in the know about sex, aging, and what to expect. Planning on having some action later tonight? Be sure to pick up the best condoms on earth., P.S Condoms. We’ve got you covered.



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