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Does Penis Size Matter?

Ever come across spam emails or pop-up ads promising an extra couple of inches? We’ve never tried them, but they make you wonder. How do you measure up in the penis size spectrum? Is your dong long or wide enough? Does it affect your sex life? 

What is Considered Small, Average, or Large?

So what IS considered small, medium or large in the first place? Statistics from NCBI suggest that the average length of a penis is 3.6 inches or 9.1 cm when flaccid and about 5.2 inches or 13.1 cm when erect. The average girth of the penis measures 3.66 inches or 9.31 cm around when flaccid and 4.59 inches or 11.66 cm while erect.

A majority of people overestimate the meaning of average which means almost everyone believes they are carrying a much larger package. NASA for instance, were forced to redesignate astronaut condom sizes to large, gigantic and humongous. The reason? Astronauts always picked a larger size, even when they didn't fit. 

Pornography is also partly to blame for the generally distorted view of what a normal man-sized penis should be. In truth, male porn performers are chosen for one outstanding attribute, their larger than average genitalia. So ignore all those snake oil salesmen and their false promises of an extra four inches in a week.

That said, a majority of men are mostly content (as they should be) about their penis size. Males with penis sizes in the extremes (small or abnormally large), fall in the 5th and 95th percentile respectively. 

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Is Penis Size Really That Important?

The truth is, the size of your penis does have an impact on your ability to pleasure your partner. However, the study at Kings College London concluded that an increase in penis length doesn’t necessarily correspond to an increase in sexual satisfaction levels in female partners. 

While size does in fact matter, a small minority shared a different opinion. These study participants found that a reduction in penetration depth was more pleasurable. 

It was also found that women preferred hooking up with men who have bigger penises for one-night stands. But on the other hand, women prefer average or even smaller penises for marriage or long-term relationships.

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Contrary to common belief, a bigger dick is not all fun and games. Penises that are larger than average are associated with a higher risk of injury or infection. Those extra inches in length or girth can also mean that certain sex positions may be uncomfortable or downright painful. A thicker dick could also spell trouble during anal sex. 

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Although there are simple ways to navigate around these problems, it still goes to show that having a big dick isn’t all that it’s chalked up to be. It’s not like having a bigger penis means you’re more masculine or have more skill. 

Work With What You Have

Overall, penis size is just one of the factors in sexual performance. Two of the most erogenous zones in the female anatomy, the G-spot and the clitoris, are both easily within reach. For men with shorter penises, the G-spot, located only a third of the way up (1-2 inches) can easily be stimulated to produce ecstatic pleasure. As you become a more experienced attentive lover, don’t forget you can help your woman reach to achieve an orgasm via oral sex as well. 

Healthy sexual relations should include other intimate acts such as kissing, touching, and cuddling. The objective shouldn’t always be about chasing the big O. The size of the penis matters little to an experienced lover, what matters most is quality over quantity. Focus on finding out what your partner finds most pleasurable and go for moves that maximize your efficiency. In conclusion, who gives a fuck how big your dick is? It’s not always about you. Focus on your partner and let the O-games begin.

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