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The Science of Sexual Attraction

Sexual attraction may seem complex, but when simplified you can think about it in several ways. In simpler terms it occurs when you're drawn to another based on their physical features, behaviors, and other attributes. Beyond having an understanding of what this is, getting to know what contributes to it will help you understand the science behind it. 

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Biology is the first thing to consider when understanding the science behind sexual attraction. The most common biological factors include genetics and hormones. Each plays a significant role in the attraction you experience. One good example you may already be aware of is because of testosterone and estrogen. While we all produce some amount of each, it is important to recognize that the number of hormones your body releases may change your sexual attraction to someone. 

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The physical appearance of anyone can alter your perception of them. Physical appearance is one of the most important factors that play a role in how sexually attracted you are to someone. Features such as facial symmetry and body shape may impact how attracted you are to an individual.

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Psychological factors are a big indicator of sexual attraction. These factors typically include personality traits, emotional expression, and attachment. You may be attracted to certain traits such as confidence, humor, kindness or even the complete opposite!

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Social factors can typically include cultural norms and societal expectations. These aspects can influence sexual attraction in individuals who may have been raised in different social circles, so it's important to keep this in mind.  

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Sexual attraction has many layers but can be simplified into several categories to make it more simple. Each of these factors impacts how sexually attracted someone is to another person, making it important to understand the ins and outs of relationships.

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