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Is Post-Nut Clarity Really A Thing?

If you’ve been on online message boards lately, you may have heard about the term, “post-nut clarity.” Post-nut clarity is a term used for that moment of clear-headedness where you can think of your relationship objectively after having an orgasm. 

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Some people assume that post-nut clarity only happens when you have sex with the person you’re with. Others just assume that you can get that same level of clarity after a “solo session” thinking about said person. 

Regardless of the philosophy, the idea of being able to think more rationally after a Big O is a common belief. But, is it true? 

There is some evidence to suggest that post-nut clarity can be a legitimate phenomenon

Anecdotally speaking, there does seem to be reason to believe in the clout of post-nut clarity. Some people get very wrapped up in lust until they can’t think straight. When you have “rose-tinted glasses” for someone, having an orgasm can help you think more objectively. 

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Urologists have performed studies on the post-nut clarity phenomenon and agree that certain people can find a new level of objective clarity when they have an orgasm. However, the studies aren’t clear as to why this happens or if it happens to everyone

What could cause post-nut clarity?

There are a lot of theories. One of the most common deals with endorphins and hormones. Orgasms cause hormone releases that give you a sense of calm, acceptance, and affection. A good climax can help lift your mood if you are depressed—and that could theoretically lead to clearer thinking.

Another idea is that a person’s desire for sex can cause their judgment to get cloudy. When you get the satisfaction that you want, it could lead to you getting “back down to earth.” At times, just having sex with the right person can make you realize they aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be.

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Who can get post-nut clarity?

In theory, everyone. In practice, men tend to get it more than women. It’s often believed that this is because women tend to orgasm less than men do. It’s also not entirely clear whether everyone gets post-nut clarity at all. 

Sex tends to be a very individual, personal thing. What happens to one person might not always happen to others. 

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