• vegan
  • gluten free
  • glycerin free
  • paraben free

Our condom.

We know your grandfather was a very handsome man, but do you really want to use the same condom as him? No? Great, because we're not your grandfather's condom.

  • Exceptionally Thin and Perfectly Lubricated for ease (and to please) - we use the highest grade silicone lubricant available
  • Shock Treatment - each condom is tested with an electric current and exceeds FDA requirements, so you can trust our strength and reliability
  • High Quality Latex - you get a crystal clear condom that you can't smell because of our special purification process
  • 100% Vegan - unlike most brands, no animal byproducts are used in the production of our condoms, because why would anyone want that?

12 Pack

We got you.
Confidence and comfort
discreetly delivered.

Because you have your own unique approach to sex.
You may like it simple under the sheets, or with whips and
whipped cream on your boss' desk (we're not here to judge either way).
If you can't tell, we like to be pretty direct. We deliver directly to your
so you can be ready to do whatever you like to do,
however you like to do it.

Exceptionally thin &
perfectly lubricated.

Sex is something that is meant to be felt and enjoyed without worry.
That is why we provide exceptionally thin condoms with just the right
amount of lubricant. You feel everything and keep feeling everything.

Extra strong & trusted.

We focused on the quality and strength so you can stay focused
and in the moment. Our condoms exceed FDA requirements in
strength and reliability. We want you performing your best knowing
that you're wearing the best.

Clear & odorless.

Sex should feel just right. And that means feeling natural,
looking natural, and smelling natural too. That's why we designed our
condoms without that synthetic latex look and smell that other
condoms have. This way, it's all good.